Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meet the Family

After our vacation at the beach with the Coles, Hardy and I visited my parents in Brandon for a week. Kyle had to attend our national conference with Crusade in Fort Collins, Colorado and was gone for ten days. We definitely missed him, but it was the perfect opportunity for Hardy to meet all of my extended family and friends. I probably have not spent that much time by myself with my parents since I was in college. It was so nice to be home and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was a very relaxing week and I am so thankful that my parents were able to spend that time with Hardy while he is still a baby. We also took a day trip to Petal, MS and Hardy met my Granny and several of my aunts and great aunts. My Granny has frontal lobe dimentia and her memory is slowly failing her. It saddens my heart so much because she used to be so full of personality and she has now become rather quite. I am incredibly grateful that she got to meet Hardy and spend some time with him. I know that he will most likely never know my sweet Granny, but it is a memory that I cherish forever. Thanks Nana and Poppa for hosting us! It was a delightful week!

Catching a nap with Poppa

Aunt Mary and Hardy

Aunt Betty Lynn, Me, and Hardy

Nana, Aunt Betty Lynn, Aunt Mary, and Hardy

Cousin Ginger and Hardy

Uncle R.E. and Hardy

My Great Uncle Les and Hardy

Me, Granny, Nana, and Hardy

Great Uncle Les and Great Aunt Janie

Great Aunt Noilette and Hardy

Granny and Hardy

Cousin Cindy and Hardy

Mrs. Holly and Hardy

Cousin Tracy and Hardy

Meredith and Hardy

Meredith, Me, Hardy, and Mia

Mia checking out Hardy

Valerie, Me, and Hardy

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