Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For the First Time

Our sweet Hardy will be three months soon! All my life I have heard people say, "they grow up so fast", and it is so true! I look back at Hardy's newborn pictures and it seems forever ago, and he has gotten so much bigger! Over the past few months, Hardy has experienced lots of milestones. We are always running to get the camera to capture the moment when he does something for the first time. Below are some pictures of Hardy's first! We are definitely a proud mama and daddy, and we look forward to all the milestones that lie ahead!

On June 9th Hardy met Dr. Young.
Dr. Young was on a mission trip
when Hardy was born so he
was not able to deliver him,
but they did get to meet!

That same day Hardy found
his thumb for the first time.

On June 11th Hardy had his
first bath--a sponge bath.

On June 18th Hardy had his first
real bath. He loved it then and
bath time has become one of his favorite things.

On June 19th Kyle celebrated
his first Father's Day!
What a special day!

On June 28th Hardy took
his first stroll in the BOB.
He slept the entire walk,
but I think he enjoyed it!

Hardy celebrating his first
4th of July.

Me and Hardy

CC, Hardy, and Aunt Nay Nay

On July 8th Hardy had his
first overnight visit at
Nana and Poppa's house.

Only July 24th Hardy rolled on to his
side for the first time.

Sometime during that week
he also started to really notice
his toys on the activity mat.

On July 26th Hardy slept in
his crib for the first time.
This was a big step for all
of us and he did so well!

Ready for bed

Sound asleep

Rise and shine! Hardy enjoyed
his first night in his crib!

Big stretch!

On July 27th Hardy found
his thumb again.

On July 28th Hardy noticed
the mobile on the swing for
the first time.

On August 9th Hardy had his
first shots.

Big pout after getting
his shots.

Hardy with his prize--
yes, I had to do it!

On August 12th Hardy attended
his first professional sporting
event--a Braves game!

This was not the first time Hardy noticed
his hands, but this seems to be what we
find him doing most often right now.
He sure is curious as to what those
things do.

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