Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh, What a Month!

My lack of blogging is proof enough that life has been crazy busy for us lately, but I'll give you a little glimpse of what the month of August entailed for the Coles.

We wrapped up the month of July with Kyle's surprise 30th birthday party! Kyle had to be in Colorado for our national conference with Campus Crusade on his birthday, so I threw a party for him once he got home. He was definitely surprised and enjoyed celebrating with all of his good friends and family!
Me and Kyle

Thomas, Kyle, Jeff, David, Tristen,
Craig, and Zach

Hardy slept through most of the party!

Whitney, Missy, Me, Corrie, Darcy, Kelly,
Alexis, Laura, and Meg

Family: Whitney, Me, Kyle, Hardy, Mrs. Cyndi,
Alexis, Mr. Dane, Peggie, and Bull

The first weekend in August I had the honor and pleasure of being a bridesmaid in Carmen Rae and Ian's wedding. Carmen Rae is a co-worker of mine, but more importantly a great friend. I am so blessed to have her in my life, and as many others testified at the rehearsal dinner, she has also pushed me closer to the Lord. It was an incredibly fun weekend, and I enjoyed getting to catch up with so many people I have not seen in a long time! Carmen Rae is a very talented dancer (some of you may remember her Jai Ho video on youtube) so of course she had a rockin band!! Everyone danced the night away!

Me and Hallie

Morgan and Hardy

Ellen, Me, and Kitty

Our Family

Morgan, Me, and Chelsea

Bill, Kitty, Joel, Kyle, Me, Hardy,
Ellen, and Andrew

Bill, Joel, Kyle, Hardy, Andrew, Craig
Christie, Kitty, Me, Ellen, Missy, and Kelsey

Craig, Missy, Kyle, Hardy, and Me

Mr. and Mrs. Huang, Me, Kyle, and Hardy

Me and Kay

One Big Family: Crusade Staff

Mr. and Mrs. Huang--off to the Honeymoon!

The next weekend Kyle and I took a trip over to Atlanta. Hardy is certainly becoming a traveler at an early age! My father had gotten us tickets to the PGA Championship, and Kyle was not going to miss out on it. So, we trucked it over to hotlanta for the weekend! While Kyle chased players around eighteen holes, Hardy and I lounged at the hotel and played at Target and Barnes and Noble. I also enjoyed a visit with Teila whose baby boy Will is a week older than Hardy, and my dear friend Sarah whom was my discipler when they lived in Oxford. Kyle and I also got to visit his friend Shawn who just opened a bike shop in Roswell. It was a jammed packed weekend, but tons of fun!

Hardy's First MLB game at Turner Field

Kyle, Me, and Hardy

Hardy in the baby bjorn

Rory, Kyle, and Hardy

Rory and Hardy

John and Hardy

Sarah and Hardy

Me and Sarah

Sarah, Me, and Hardy

Shawn's Bike Shop

Kyle, Shawn, and Hardy

Hardy conversing with his giraffe

After we returned home from Atlanta, we had one week before school began. We made a quick trip to Memphis to celebrate Kyle's grandfathers birthday, and we also squeezed in a visit from my sweet friend Katie and her mother, Mrs. Holly. Katie and I have been friends since we were little girls and it was so special for her to meet Hardy. She currently lives in Tampa where her husband Will is finishing up his residency. I have great hope that they will move back South when he finishes so that we can see one another more often! I truly miss her!

Bull and Hardy

Katie and Hardy

Katie, Me, and Hardy
Katie, Me, Mrs. Holly, and Hardy

The fall semester at Ole Miss began on August 22nd. There are 4,000 freshman enrolled at Ole Miss this year!! That is the largest freshman class ever! Kyle's younger sister Alexis is a freshman this year, and it is so much fun to have her in town! We held our first weekly meeting with Cru on August 23rd at the Ford Center. We had a packed house, and it was so fun to welcome all the students back and meet lots of new ones! Hardy attended his first meeting, and I was so thrilled to introduce my precious baby boy--and show him off! That will probably be his only meeting until he gets a bit older though. His bedtime is at 8:00 which happens to be what time our meeting begins, so for now I have found a sweet girl to watch him on Tuesday nights! So thankful for Liz!

1st Weekly Meeting

Hardy's first Crusade Meeting

Oh, and I almost forgot. Sunday afternoon before school began, I helped host a baby shower for my dear friend Missy. It was so fun to see her one last time before her baby girl arrived, and I loved watching her open all the girly gifts...lots of PINK! She even got a pink swimsuit with a tutu on it from her mom! Lindley Belle Daniel was born on August 29th!

Mrs. Diane, Missy, and Mrs. Cindy

Victoria, Emily, Julie, Missy, Katherine,
Katie, and Natalie

Missy and Me

Missy and Mrs. Cindy (her mom)

The hostesses: Jessie, Gwen, Me, Missy, Laura
Meg, and Christie

I ended the month with a trip to visit my sister in Louisville with my mom. We had four adults, five kiddos, and 2 chocolate labs all in one house for 4 nights! It was an absolute blast! Words cannot even describe how much I enjoy being with my sister. What I would give for her to live next door to me! Maybe one day! One afternoon us girls took at trip over to Garden Ridge. If you have never visited one of these, you need to find one. They have anything and everything you can imagine for your house. I happen to stumble upon some outdoor cushions and they were 50% off since it is the end of the season. I love sitting out on the back porch's my retreat these days! I also got to enjoy my sister's homemade cinnamon rolls while in Louisville. These things were lick the plate good! I will definitely be asking for a breadmaker for Christmas. Thanks for being such a fabulous host sis! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit!

Molly Kate and Hardy


Molly Kate and Hardy

Miles, MK, and Hardy

Madden and Hardy

About to roll over

Molly Kate and Hardy...
I think she would hold him all day!

Mikias and Hardy

Me and all the kiddos!

Miles, Mikias, Hardy, Molly Kate, and Madden

Miles, Mikias, Hardy, and Molly Kate

One last kiss from Molly Kate
before we headed home!

Yes, it was a busy month, and as I glance at the calendar it seems it will be this way until Christmas! Life just does not slow down! At least we have cooler weather coming our way! I am so looking forward to Fall, and taking Hardy on a stroll without passing out! Hope you have a great week! I'm thinking I will treat myself to a Pumpkin Spice latte!!

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  1. I wish we lived next door too! I love the pics of Hardy at 3 months...I miss him so much and can't wait to see him in 2 weeks! Give him a HUGE hug and kiss from Aunt Laura!