Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflections of 2011

In 2009, I was inspired by a friend to record memories from each month so we would be able to reflect upon that year in the years to come. I somehow missed capturing 2010, but I'm not letting 2011 slip by me. 2011 was an eventful year!! Baby showers, trips to the beach, 5 years of marriage, and we became PARENTS!!! Wow!! So thankful we have so many memories to cherish, and even more grateful for the many blessings our Father has bestowed upon us. "You are good, and what you do is good."

January: We had a HUGE snow in Oxford, as in we could barely get out of our neighborhood it was so thick! Of course, Kyle gathered all the students we knew in town to go sledding. At the end of the month, we hosted a Gender Reveal Party and announced that we were having a BOY!!
Oh, and we also went to a Huey Lewis concert. Good times!

February: This month was kind of slow, but there was definitely a highlight. My sweet friends from home (Brandon) hosted my first baby shower. A very special time and surreal moment. I also officially became an adult by hosting Bunco!

March: My dear friends and co-workers in Oxford hosted a baby shower for me. It was a wonderful time celebrating with family, friends, and college students. So much excitement over our baby boy! Kyle and I took a trip to Aruba at the end of March in celebration of our 5th Anniversary! We thoroughly enjoyed getting away, and of course relaxing on the beautiful beach!

April: Lots of baby showers! Our friends in Memphis hosted a couples shower for us. What a fun night! We celebrated Easter at the beach with my family. It was a bit chilly, but we still soaked up the sun.

May: Kyle and I celebrated 5 YEARS together on May 6th! Amazing how fast those years went by! So many memories made and so thankful for the time we have spent together! I'm extremely grateful for my better half, and he truly is the better half! We also anxiously awaited the arrival of our baby boy. Yes, I was counting down the days!

June: June 3, 2011...a day I will never forget! At 10:14 AM Hardy James Cole arrived weighing 8 pounds and 2 ounces and I was instantly in love with every single ounce! We spent the entire month showering him with love and taking thousands of pictures. It was complete bliss! Kyle celebrated his first Father's Day too!

July: We took our first road trip with Hardy. We spent one night with my parents in Brandon, and then drove to Blue Mountain Beach to spend a week with Kyle's family. Hardy was a great passenger as he slept most of the trip. Kyle celebrated his 30th Birthday on July 21st. I threw a surprise party for him at The Shak with friends and family! I spent a week in Brandon near the end of the month and Hardy got to meet my Granny, lots of Aunts, and many of my dear friends!

August: This month was busy! It began with Carmen Rae and Ian's wedding, and I had the honor of being a bridesmaid! A beautiful ceremony and beautiful people! Hardy got to meet some very special people this month. Kyle and I made a quick trip over to Atlanta, and Hardy met my former disciple and sweet friend Sarah Murphy. Hardy also met my best friend since childhood, Katie, when she made a day visit to Oxford. We ended the month with a visit to Louisville to see my sister and her family.

September: Football season began and Hardy quickly became a Rebel. He went to 5 of the 7 games this season. I'd say that is pretty darn good! The staff girls hosted our 3rd Annual Progressive Dinner and once again it was a success. Hardy was dedicated at Grace Bible on September 24th and both of our families came to celebrate with us.

October: Wow! Another busy month! Hardy and I went to the beach one last time with all my family before the condo sold. Good times, but sad to say goodbye. Kyle was the best man in Thomas Wiggin's wedding. The only other wedding we have ever attended in the Grove! Very special and Kelly is perfect for him! We also took pictures in the pumpkin patch (something I have always wanted to do) and last but not least, the Cardinals won the World Series!!! Oh, and Hardy was a Landshark for Halloween...cutest shark I've ever seen!

November: I spent a lot of time in Brandon this month. I went home the first weekend to attend Mistletoe Marketplace with my Mom. This has been a tradition of ours since I was in grade school and one of my favorite events during the holiday season! We spent Thanksgiving with my family. That happens to be our Fall Break with Ole Miss, and Kyle had to attend a conference in Orlando. Hardy and I spent the entire week in Brandon, and then Kyle joined us for Thanksgiving weekend. I LOVED all the time I was able to spend with my parents, my sister, and my niece and nephews--and my best friends from college stopped by for a quick visit and Valerie announced she was pregnant!!

December: Hardy celebrated his 1/2 birthday! I cannot believe my precious baby boy is already 6 months! The time is flying by, and I am falling more in love with him each and every day! His personality is starting to come out, and we find ourselves laughing at him all the time. This was also Hardy's First Christmas. We spent a few days celebrating in Brandon with my family, and then we spent Christmas in Germantown.

What a year! There were certainly some rough moments in 2010 where I wondered if the sun was going to shine again, and what joy the Lord brought us in 2011! My heart had longed for a child, and the Lord blessed me with the desire of my heart by giving me Hardy James Cole. It has only been six months and my heart is overflowing with love for him. I am so thankful that the Lord chose me to be his Mommy, and I look forward to all the memories Kyle and I will share with him in the years to come! Here's to 2012!

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