Saturday, October 20, 2012


Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love living in small town and Oxford is one great small town! I honestly never ever want to move unless the Lord calls us too. But, I do sometimes miss the activities that a big city has to offer especially now that I have a child. Hardy absolutely loves the zoo and we would probably go several times a month if we lived in a city that had one. So, for our family it is a big event to spend a day at the zoo. I guess that makes it even more special. We took Hardy to the Memphis Zoo yesterday, and he had a blast! CC and Aunt Nay Nay joined us too, and he thoroughly entertained them. His favorite animal at the zoo right now is the pandas. He really took a liking to them in August when he went to the zoo, and he definitely did not forget these cute fluffy bears. We eventually had to pull him away from them or he might have stayed there all day. This was the first time at the zoo that he rode the train and the boats. Hardy has no fear and will do anything. I could not believe he rode in the boat all by himself. I am so thankful to be able to enjoy days like these with our sweet son. I just love watching his precious face light up over seeing an animal. It is pure joy!

Watching the sea lion show

Enjoying popcorn at the show

He always has to share 
his food with Aunt Nay Nay

Of course, Aunt Nay Nay had
to get him cotton candy too

Checking out the elephants with CC

The pandas...his favorite!

Hardy even loved this little panda

Giving the panda love

Riding the boats

First train ride at the zoo

Definitely had a good time!

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