Saturday, November 3, 2012


17 Month Stats
Weight: 22 lbs. 
Height: 32 inches
Diaper Size: Size 4
Clothes Size: Size 12-18 Months 
and 18-24 Months. It just depends
 on the brand. He needs 18-24 months
for length, but then we have to roll the 
waist band because he is so skinny.
What Hardy Likes: Hardy got a 
Crazy Coupe from CC and he loves
it! He loves to ride to the park
behind our neighborhood, play,
and then ride back home. 
What Hardy Dislikes: Food!
I know I say this all the time,
but Hardy really is so picky.
He eats like a bird!
Best Moment of the Month:
Visiting his cousins in Georgia
for a few days! He is really 
beginning to enjoy playing 
with them which makes our 
visits so much fun! 

17 Month Highlights:
Some of your new words 
from this month: truck, button,
snack, football, bug, broke,
out, fork, shoes.
You started calling Poppa 
by his name this month.
You pronounce his name
"boppa", and it is so sweet!
You say "Nemmy" when
you are calling Emmy.
I never had to teach you to sign
thank you, because you started 
saying it so early. It has become 
much clearer and sounds like "tank tu."
You can crawl up and down
the stairs all by yourself.
It still makes Mama and Dada
very nervous though!
You are getting pretty good
at feeding yourself with a fork.
You moved up to a booster
seat this month. I think you were
pretty happy to say bye bye 
to the high chair.
When we ask you if you want
get a bath, you run to the tub.
It may be your favorite thing to do!
You now sign please for when 
you want something. If you really
want it, you will use both hands
and rub really fast. It is too funny!
You love The Wheels on the Bus
video on YouTube and you will
watch it over and over.
You also love the Ten Little Indians
video and when watching it
you make an Indian sound.
You can point to your eyes now
and you call them "ise".
When we ask you what the 
sheep says, you say "baa."
You love to be tickled and
you love to swing upside down.
Both of these things make
you laugh so hard.
You want to do everything
by yourself. Your independence
is coming out strong.
You must have Bobo
for a nap and he pretty
much goes everywhere you go.
Your are still obsessed with 
Baby Einstein's First Words book
and you now point to some of the
pictures when we ask you 
where something is on the page.
My new favorite thing from 
this month is when we say 
touchdown, you throw your hands
up in the air just like the officials.
 It is the cutest thing ever!
This sure was a big month for 
you Hardy! You are learning so much 
and so quickly! It is hard for us to believe 
that you are already 17 months! 
You are becoming a big
boy way too fast, but we love
watching your personality develop.
You sure are one fun little boy
and we love you to pieces!

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