Friday, November 13, 2009

Road to Recovery

I have now been in the bed for 27 hours, and I decided it was about time to give an update on the surgery. The surgery went really well, and Kyle and I are both pleased with the outcome. The surgery itself lasted an hour and a half, and then I was in recovery for another hour. In fact, I did not wake from the anesthesia for an hour. That stuff always seems to knock me out. After drinking two Sprites, and a cup of hot green tea, I finally went to the bathroom, and then they released me! I know...TMI! So, on to what the doctor found. Everything on the inside looks GREAT...uterus, tubes, and even my kidneys and liver. The only thing that is not right is my ovaries, which we already knew. Therefore, the doctor went ahead, and did some ovarian drilling. He ended up burning about 30 cysts off of each ovary! Yikes! He even sent us home with some pictures. Maybe I will show those to my child (or children) when they are older, and  say "look what Mommy went through for you!" As I said before, this does not cure PCOS, but it does give us a 6 to 10 month period where we can try to conceive. We have a follow-up appointment with the doctor next Friday where we will discuss options with him. He will probably be pretty aggressive given the window of opportunity. As for the recovery, I am doing pretty well. I have definitely experienced some pain, but I have some meds that knock me out. Other than the pain, I am swollen, but that should go away soon! I should be back to myself by Monday. Thanks so much to those of you who have prayed, sent flowers, and stopped by to visit. It has brought much joy to my day, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the company. Please pray that this treatment will work, and that the Lord will choose to give us a baby soon. We are certain that this is what He has willed in our lives for moment, and we are trusting in His sovereignty and goodness.


  1. sweet amy! i am praying for you during this. i pray that God would bless y'all with a child in His way! I love you!

  2. praying for you amy! Read your blog and it also reminded me of what a special woman you are and also, how special you are to Katie. keep the blog going so we will have updates.

  3. Praying for you Amy! I hope goes well with each checkup and that you heal quickly! I follow you on your blog since we don't get to talk much. God Bless!