Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tacos, Tigers, and Talladega

Well hello there! Life has been so crazy for us lately, and I have mostly been out of town for the past week and a half. Therefore, I have not had a chance to update the blogging world! Hopefully, I can remember everything that has happened...if not, you will never know! :)
Kyle and I had an exciting Halloween weekend.

We kicked off the weekend with a Halloween party at The Jenkin's. Kyle had decided that he wanted to be a Mexican, so I jokingly said, "it would be fun if I could be a taco"--thinking he would never find a taco costume. Well what do you know? My dear husband found a taco costume on the second aisle of the party shop. Hope these pictures provide you with a good laugh!

Craig, Missy, Me, Kyle

The Mexican and His Taco

Me, Meg, Missy, Christie, Tamara, and Chelsea

John, Kyle, Nick, Craig, Charlie, and Brooks

Nick, Kyle, and Joe

After the Halloween party, Kyle and I woke up really early to head to Memphis for our first appointment with Dr. Kutteh, a reproductive endocrinologist. I will post later about our 3 hour visit with him. It all went really well. From there, we drove back to Oxford, packed, and picked up Christie, Chelsea, Scott, and Ryan, and headed to Auburn. We finally arrived to Auburn at 9:30, and I was simply exhausted! After a great night of rest, I was excited to go see the Rebels take on the Tigers, but that was a big disappointment. Good thing the game was not the only reason we went to Auburn. It was also Greek Summit reunion. After the game, we had dinner with all the students, and then visited with them for the rest of the evening. It was so fun to see all of them, and get to catch up on everything in their lives! We hope to recruit some of these students to spend this summer with us! Even though the Rebels loss, we still had a weekend filled with lots of fun and great fellowship! I even got to top off the weekend with a trip to my favorite store, Anthropologie, while Kyle spent his afternoon at Talladega. If football fails, there will always be shopping, or other sporting events!

The Rebels taking the field
Kelsey, Ella, and Tiffany
Tiffany, Ella, Me, Kelsey, Christie, and Chelsea
The Greek Summit Group
Christie, Chelsea, Carmen Rae, Me

Kelsey, Carmen Rae, Chelsea, Christie, Me, and Nicole
Ryan and Kyle
Scott, Ryan, and Kyle
Who knows?!?

The Brave Ones: Ryan, Nick, Kyle, John, Scott, and Hannah
Talladega: Nick and Kyle

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  1. We are definately married to the most fun men ever. Sorry to miss out on the fun in Auburn. I have not been able to get well for like 2 I love you!