Monday, December 7, 2009

Extreme Hattiesburg: Day 3

The day started really early, and we awoke to snow outside! The production crew was quite surprised to see snow in south Mississippi. It melted quickly though, and everyone got to work fast. Saturday was full of excitement because it was Demolition Day! It started off with Christian Slater arriving, and there was lots of filming taking place. My father was oh so kind as to introduce us to Christian, and I took advantage of the moment as a photo opportunity! Then, the demolition began! I had no clue what to expect, and certainly did not think I would be so close to the scene. My mom and I got to stand on the front row with my dad, Christian, and all the designers as the demolition was filmed. This definitely exceeded my expectations! Everyone was shouting, "take it down!" It was incredibly loud! They had two huge bulldozers, and the house was down in no time. The rest of the day one dump truck after another was filled up with the debris. The house was completely gone by late evening, and tons of dirt was brought to the site. I eventually got tired of watching dump trucks and retired for the evening!

The old house before demolition
Me and Missy at the site

Filming at the flag pole. The designers plan to use
it somewhere in the house.
Missy, Me, Renee, Mom, and Pam watching
from the VIP tent
Ty and Johnny filming moving out of the house

Michael, Paige, Me, Missy, and Johnny
Christian Slater arriving to the site

Bulldozers arriving for demolition
Uncle R.E. and Craig talking with Michael

Dad talking with Brady (the producer), Christian,
and all the designers.
Craig, Christian, Missy, Ty, Me, and Dad
The designers preparing to do some demolition
Paige and Christian running out the house
Michael being funny..."I can break things too."

Christian and Johnny

The entire crew wrapping up filming
Waving goodbye to the cameras
Me, Missy, and Craig
Goodbye to the old house
Dad and Uncle R.E. after a long day

Finished the day with some BBQ!

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