Monday, December 7, 2009

Extreme Hattiesburg: Day 4

I am beginning to realize this project is HUGE, and requires countless volunteers. Hundreds of people are working around the clock to get this house built in just four days. It really is spectacular to watch. When I arrived on Sunday morning they had just began to pour the slab, and when I left the house was framed, all walls were up, and they were beginning on the roof. It is simply amazing at how fast things get done! If the rain will hold off, I do believe the Heathcocks will have a new home by Thursday!

Dad, Christian Slater, and Johnny doing an interview

The slab being poured
Mom, Me, and Dad at the site

Lots of cement coming to the site
Sabrina, Mom, and Me
(Extreme Makeover built her home in Brandon)
Walls going up!
Need some water?

Johnny and Me

Dad and Mayor Johnny DuPree
Dad and one of the producers

All the electricians preparing for work

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