Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Extreme Hattiesburg: Day 7

The sun was shining on Day 7, and we were extremely grateful. At this point there was only about 36 hours remaining before Reveal Day, so all were incredibly thankful for the good weather. The transition from Day 6 to Day 7 is unbelievable. When we left the site the night before the roof was coming together, and here is what the house looked like when we arrived.

Wow! This was really accomplished in 6 days! Kyle and I got to walk through the house that afternoon, and there was TONS to still be done. In fact, I was thinking how in the world are they going to finish this thing. The production crew said this was the most inclement weather they had ever seen for a show! This really slowed down the quick progression of building that was necessary to finish on time. However, they still managed to get things done. The sod had been laid and landscaping was almost finished when we finally left the site around midnight. Only 15 more hours until the revealing!

Me, Johnny, and Kyle

Lots of plants and bushes for the landscaping

The CUTEST cookies donated to the VIP tent!

Dad, Me, Kyle, and the Architects
Kyle and Me
A local church came to pray for my Dad
and the building of the house!
Preparing for landscaping...lots of men with shovels

The landscaping around the magnolia tree

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