Wednesday, December 16, 2009


UNDESCRIBABLE! Words simply cannot describe what took place on this day. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is one of the most powerful experiences I have ever been a part of. I hope that through the words and pictures I share with you, I can give you a small glimpse into the big picture of this day (I did take 172 pictures on Reveal Day). After AAA Homes decided to build an Extreme Makeover home, they decided a theme was needed for the project. Hattiesburg Library for the first time allowed AAA Homes to use "The Spirit that Builds." This theme came from a mural that depicts the history of Hattiesburg and was painted in the dome of the library by Professor William Baggett. The theme "The Spirit that Builds" definitely became true of the week. This house was built by the Spirit of Hattiesburg, MS. Hundreds of people and businesses from the community gathered together to build a home for the Heathcocks. There was also a local church that prayed every hour on the hour from Tuesday to Thursday. My dad asked them to specifically pray for carpenters and for the weather. Within 2 hours of praying for carpenters, 4 showed up. The Spirit does in fact build!

As we arrived to the house on Reveal Day, finishing touches were being put on the house...the flag pole was being raised, furniture was being arranged, pictures were being hung, and fresh flowers were placed all over the house. It looked MAGNIFICENT! The home truly looked stunning, and the sun was shining down upon it! As the Heathcock family was driving around the corner, a beautiful rainbow appeared right above the crowd. This was only the beginning of an extremely inspirational day. The Heathcocks got out of the limo, and Mrs. Heathcock hugged Ty Pennington, and then she ran to my dad and gave him a huge hug. This is when I lost it. The gratitude in her heart shined through to her face. The family had not even seen their home yet, and they were already expressing so much thanks to AAA Homes. It was a priceless moment. Extreme Makeover had also connected a live feed to his troop in Iraq so that they could watch the reveal. What a special moment for them too. You cannot even imagine what it is like when the bus is finally moved, and the family sees the house for the first time. It truly is undescribable. Kyle and I were talking about this moment, and he said, "as exciting as this was it will not even compare to our expression when we see heaven for the first time." As stunned as the Heathcocks were, this still pales in comparison to what we will experience when we see our Lord Jesus Christ for the first time and the place he has prepared for us in heaven. Praise be to God that this is not our home, and he is preparing a place for us! I am so thankful to have been a part of this adventure. It was an EXTREME blessing!

Christian Slater putting finishing touches on the house!
Almost complete!

Dad and all the architects
Raising the flag pole
I LOVE this porch!
Family members watching and waiting
Johnny going over his lines
Johnny and Michael visiting with Dad

Kyle, Me, Mom, and Dad waiting for
The Heathcocks to arrive
The entire crew
Christian Slater and Johnny signing

Mom, Dad, and Christian Slater

The Heathcocks Arrival

Gina and Sherman Heathcock
Gina hugging Dad

Sherman hugging his mom and family...this was
his first time to see them in months
Gina hugging family

Talking with his troop
Family waiting on the revealing
Talking with his troop
About to see the house...MOVE THAT BUS!!!
Completely Stunned

Going to see the inside for the first time
The designers, Chrisitan Slater, and AAA Homes

Gary Fordham, Mayor Johnny DuPree, Dad, Lee Everette
Absolutely Gorgeous!!!

Shag and Kyle

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