Friday, April 30, 2010

The Coolest Chic I Know...

CARMEN RAE!! Carmen Rae is a senior at Ole Miss, and will be joining staff with Campus Crusade this fall, and I am earnestly praying that she will be placed at Ole Miss! Over the past year, I have come to know C Rae extremely well, and she has become a very dear friend to me! One of the things I love about C Rae is that she is completely real and transparent. Whenever I ask her anything, she always shoots straight with me, and I love that too! She is also the definition of loyal. She would do anything for anybody! Simply put, she is the coolest chic I know! Last Thursday night, we celebrated her 22nd birthday! I have a feeling the Lord has some big things in store for her this year, and it kicked off the other day in the student union on campus. Make sure to watch the video below. Carmen Rae designed this dance, and recruited the students to participate. It is AWESOME! Much love to you Carmen Rae, and I am so thankful for our friendship!

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