Friday, April 2, 2010

Only in Mississippi

On Wednesday night we went on a double date with our dear friends the Daniels. We all were craving catfish, but had the hardest time finding a place that served catfish, and was open on Wednesday night. Most are open Thursday through Sunday. After calling about eight different places, we found the Catfish Hut! We jumped in the car, and headed over to Enid, MS. We knew this place was definitely going to be a local dive, because it was located on Enid Dam Road. After calling for directions twice, we landed upon the hut! Just a little disclaimer here: we are from Oxford, MS not NYC. However, it was like city meets country at this restaurant. Everyone in the place took a look at us, and our waitress said, "Ya'll not from around here?" We had a GREAT time, laughed a lot, and the catfish was pretty good...nothing on Old Taylor though. If you are ever near Enid, you might just want to catch a bite to eat at the Catfish Hut!

Missy and Me

Kyle and Craig

The Southern Alphabet
My favorite was K - Kin-person:
What's related to ya
and ya can't help it.

Kyle and Me

Missy and Craig

Ole Miss apron that the waitress
informed me I should buy!

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