Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family Fun in Orange Beach

My deepest apologies to those of you who have been staring at autumn trail mix for 2 months is good, but how boring!! Truth be known, I have wanted to post a bajillion times but our hard drive's disk space has been full since October. At first I camped out at the Apple store in Memphis for an hour while Kyle and Hardy waited in the car, only for them to tell me I needed more memory space and that I would have to go to someone else to have that done. A few more weeks went by, and I had a really nice man in Oxford come to my house and $100 later I was suppose to have more space with my new memory. Problem not solved. I still kept getting this message saying my disk was full. After a two hour rendezvous at the Apple store in Jackson two days before Thanksgiving (kind of felt like going to the zoo), I was told my memory was not the problem, but that I needed to delete music and pictures off my computer to create more space. Thank you sir! So I spent many hours of my Thanksgiving break deleting files, and finally we have arrived! I should really use all that free time I have to put my pictures on cd's and organize them by years. Hah!

Just so you can get excited about what is to come, I have about 15 posts or so that I have been working on. Get ready because I am about to go blogger crazy! I am posting these in the order they would have originally been written because yes, I am OCD like that, and I have just been waiting on the pictures. So, here we go! Feel free to leave me a comment so I can know you really did miss me! :)

At the beginning of October, my family took one last trip to the beach. It was a rather bittersweet trip because my parents sold their condo. We had a delightful trip just spending time together as a family, but we were all sad to say goodbye to the condo. We have outgrown this place being that we have gone from 4 adults to 6 adults and 5 kids, but a lot of memories were made there. Hopefully, the Lord just has something better in store for us. This was Hardy's first time to actually see the beach. He was not that crazy about the beach because it was rather windy, but he loved the pool. He would have stayed in their forever, but mommy got a little chilly herself. Hope you enjoy the pics of our family vacation--if you are wondering why Kyle is not in any of these pictures, he was on his 30th birthday trip to California to see the Rebels play. We sure did miss him, but he had a great trip with the boys.

After unloading everything from the car,
this is where Hardy ended up...don't
worry--we did not leave him there!

Long day in the car, passed out in
Poppa's arms.

My sweet little man!

Rice cereal for the first time!
We actually waited 6 weeks before he had it
again. He was not quite ready, but we had
to capture the moment.

More on the face than in the mouth :)

Miles, Mikias, and Molly Kate...
love these kiddos!


Although it looks like he is eating sand,
he was actually munching on some fruit loops.

Beach Baby

Just chillin


Somebody was done with taking pictures!

Hardy, Mikias, Molly Kate, and Miles

This picture makes me smile.
The kids had so much fun creeping
up on this bird.

Mikias is such a sweet
big brother.

Molly Kate and Hardy...
MK loves to hold him.

Fun at the Track

Molly Kate is giving a thumbs up,
but she was not a fan of the go carts.
Her foot barely reached the pedal.

Hardy enjoyed the Track too!

Laura and Madden


Nana and Hardy

Celebrating my Dad's 59th Birthday

His favorite dessert has always been
lemon icebox pie.

Poppa and the big kids!

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