Monday, January 30, 2012

An Answered Prayer

Staying in Oxford upon graduating college was definitely what I desired, but saying goodbye to all the friends I had made was not easy at all! That first year I was very lonely, and longed for my sister and my 4 best friends from college to move back. After coming to the realization that was most likely not going to happen, I began to pray for the Lord to bring me a new friends. Actually, I begged the Lord to bring me a friend! Over the past eight years, I have had many friends come into my life and I am beyond grateful for them, but then again most of them always leave. This past year the Lord brought a friend into my life and He far exceeded my expectations! He answered my prayer and then some! Shannon and I had our first "date" a few months before Hardy was born and we just hit it off! She is very honest and real, and is so funny--I always find myself laughing when we are together. In the pictures below, we are celebrating Shannon's birthday. I am so grateful for both of these friends, Shannon and Corrie. The Lord has given me a gift through their friendship. They both have brought me closer to the Lord, and given me great encouragement in being a wife and mom. While I certainly still miss my friends from college, I give praise to the Father for these beautiful friendships.

Me, Hardy, Shannon, Corrie, and Audrey

Shannon with her birthday McCarty bowl!

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