Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hardy Moments in January

I love to look back through all the pictures of my little guy at the end of the month! This was a big month for Hardy. He started to sit up by himself this month which was a huge accomplishment! So much of his personality is beginning to show too! As you will see, he has a big smile on his sweet face in most of these pictures. Hope you enjoy a glimpse of what our little man has been up to lately!

Playing in the exersaucer

Just Chillin

Moments like these just melt my heart!

Pappaw had Hardy all tickled
while I was shooting these pics!

First time to sit up by himself!!

First time in the shopping cart...
Hardy loved the ride!

We caught Hardy underneath his crib!

Watching Baby Noah, of course!

First time in a high chair
at a restaurant. We were at a hibachi
grill and it thoroughly entertained him!

This smile is so precious to me!

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