Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hardy Moments in March

The busyness of life picked up in March, and at the same time our little Hardy got so much busier! He is crawling so fast now, and constantly on the move. He is extremely curious and doesn't really have any fear either--not the best combination! As you will see in these pictures, our little guy is into everything! Life sure has gotten more fun for all of us!

Love these curls!

Fishing with the staff team

Giving Bill some lovin

Christie and Bill teaching 
Hardy how to fish

Fun times with Dada

"Please pick me up Mama!"

Bedtime reading with Pappaw

Window watching

Cruising in my new car

Evening snooze in Mama's arms

Bedtime reading with Dada

This little man loves a bath!

Loved this evening with the Daniels!

Missy, Lindley Belle, Me, and Hardy

Shootin Hoops

This may be my favorite 
picture from the month!

Opening and closing the door

Hardy's first Little People toy

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