Saturday, August 4, 2012

BIG News from The Coles

I have literally been busting at the seams for weeks now to share our big news! Even as I type this I still cannot believe that it is true. I am PREGNANT!!! Baby Cole #2 is due to arrive on February 8th! Yes, this is crazy news and we are still overwhelmed by the goodness and mercy of our Lord! 

Being that it took us 18 months to conceive Hardy, Kyle and I had talked about not waiting too long to start trying for baby #2 since we did not know what we would be facing. We met with our fertility doctor in January just to discuss options and have a tentative plan. He suggested for us to start with IUI again and to call him when we were ready. At the beginning of May, I called our nurse and after talking with her we decided we could squeeze in one round of treatment before Jackson Hole. I knew if we did not get pregnant that the months of June and July would be out because we would be traveling so our next IUI would not be until August. We kind of thought "why not!" 

The IUI went terrible. There is really no other way to put. The nurse even asked if we wanted to proceed with the procedure, but we had already paid for the shots, ultrasounds, etc. so we decided to do it anyways. We were told we had a 4 PERCENT chance of getting pregnant. We walked out of the clinic very bummed, and facing the realization that trying to conceive would probably be a long road for us again. 

Life moved on, we celebrated Hardy's 1st Birthday, and we packed up our bags to leave for Jackson Hole. On the second night of our trip out west I got really sick. I woke up throwing up and just felt terrible. I really thought it was just from all the road food we had been eating. The next evening at dinner Hardy and Nick asked when Samuel Nicholas was due. I just laughed because I knew that was not really a possibility. Remember, a 4 PERCENT chance.

We arrived in Jackson Hole on June 2nd which was the first day that I could take a pregnancy test. I had already decided to just wait because I was already down about everything and as some of you know too well, a negative test makes everything worse. After being there for a few days, Elizabeth and I were talking and she asked when we wanted to have another baby. I am such an open person so I shared with her everything and she highly encouraged me to take a test. The group was going horseback riding  and she was like you cannot be doing that if you are pregnant. I still thought I would wait and see what happened though. Well, the next morning which was June 6th I woke up really early. I decided to go ahead and take a test. Immediately there were two pink lines. I was absolutely shocked. I just kept staring it. After what was probably only a few minutes but felt like forever, I ran into our bedroom and woke Kyle up to tell him. He was shocked too, and just kept laughing and saying "what, what, are you serious?!?" Once our clinic opened in Memphis, I called to tell them and the nurse said, "I am looking at your numbers here and wow, I cannot believe you are pregnant." Our clinic was so sweet to set us up with a great clinic in Jackson Hole and they immediately saw me. They did blood work and checked  my HCG levels to make sure they doubled. They also did two ultrasounds while we were there to keep a check on me. On June 19th we had our first ultrasound and we got to see our little sweet pea. Everything looked great! God wanted to show us just what he can do with a 4 PERCENT chance! Oh us of little faith!

For those of you who have been reading, it all makes sense now. Jackson Hole was so hard for me because I could not participate in any of the activities, and I started getting sick the second week we were there. I still cannot believe I made that 9 day trip home. I did get some medication from my doctor that made a big difference, but Kyle still had to pull over the car a few times. So, I am 13 weeks today and thus far all is going well. Honestly, we are still somewhat shocked. Every time we recount the story to someone, we are reminded of just how big God is. It makes me think of the children's song "my God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do." It is an incredible delight to share our news with you and we would covet your prayers for our sweet baby. Thank you for rejoicing with us and remember God is much bigger than 4 PERCENT!

First time to see our baby
June 19th

This was how we shared the  news with
our families. We told Mrs. Cyndi and Whitney
during their visit, and then we called the
rest of the Coles. We skyped with my family
and let Hardy show them his shirt.

"Guess whoo has a secret"

"I'm going to be a big brother!"

Ultrasound on July 11th at 8 1/2 weeks

Sharing our big news with
the rest of our family and friends!

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