Tuesday, August 7, 2012

13 WEEKS: Baby #2

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 13 Weeks
Size of Baby: Baby C is the size of a peach
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 6 lbs. 
Maternity Clothes: Wear them every day, 
and have been for several weeks now.
Baby #2 pops out a lot faster! 
Gender: 5 weeks to go!
Movement: Not yet
Sleep: I'm just so happy to be
back in my bed after traveling for 
a month! I really can't complain about
sleep right now. It is way more than I 
will get in the months to come!
What I Miss: Nothing really...still so 
excited to be pregnant again! I guess I do 
somewhat miss having more energy. I could
really use some right now to keep up with Hardy.
Cravings: It's funny that I am craving the same foods 
that I did when pregnant with Hardy. I really prefer 
anything salty over sweets. I am all about
a sausage biscuit for breakfast and I am loving 
some fried okra too!
Symptoms: Morning Sickness except mine is day and night.
So thankful for Zofran and that it does the trick most of the time.
Extreme tiredness...chasing a 14 month old and 
being pregnant is just exhausting!
Best Moment of the Week: Got to hear the heartbeat
at the doctor's office...it was 167!!

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