Monday, October 15, 2012

Celebrating SIXTY Years!

My dad celebrated his 60th birthday this past Saturday! All of my family gathered at my sister's home in Villa Rica, GA to celebrate this momentous occasion. Over the past month, my mother has been gathering letters from 60 of my father's close friends and family. My dad has never been one who loved a big birthday party, but we wanted to do something special to commemorate his 60 years of life.  As we wrapped the letters the night before, my mom, sister, and I read quite a few of them. I cried over some of the very kind words written about my father, and I laughed a lot over the stories that were told about him in his youth. On the evening of his birthday, we gave all these letters to him. The letters were a big hit, and he thoroughly enjoyed reading each one of them. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the big 6-0! Happy 60th Dad!! I am blessed beyond measure to be your daughter and to have spent half of those 60 years with you! 

Hardy watching Miles and 
Molly Kate's soccer game 
with Aunt Laura

Hardy kicking the ball around

Molly Kate attempting to teach Hardy

Afternoon reading with Nana and Madden

Mikias, Hardy, and Molly Kate

Molly Kate and Hardy

Hardy had a tight grip on that car
with Molly Kate in the driver's seat

The Letters

Of course, the cake had to be in USM colors!

Poppa and his grandkids:
Miles, Molly Kate, Madden, Hardy, and Mikias

Poppa and Nana with all the grandkids

Dad reading about his letters

Letter #1 from Molly Kate

Love this picture....melts my heart!

Hugs to Miles

Reading Mikias' letter

Blowing out the candles

All lined up for cake!

Nana and Hardy enjoying 
the birthday cake

Nana, Poppa, Mikias, Hardy, and Me

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