Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This was our first Halloween to take Hardy trick-or-treating and it was quite an adventure! Before Hardy was born I for some reason became obsessed with giraffes. My sister already had this adorable giraffe costume, so needless to say Hardy had to wear it for Halloween! He was the cutest little giraffe, but he did not want the costume on his head. The strange thing was he fought it all night for pictures, and when we were actually trick-or-treating he wore it the entire time. You just never know! We trick-or-treated in another neighborhood where the houses are rather spread out, so we packed 8 adults and 6 kids into one minivan and set out! Hardy loved trick-or-treating, but every time we went to a new house he wanted to go inside and stay a while. It was too funny! Hope all of you got lots of treats tonight too!
Me and my little giraffe

This is how Hardy really 
felt about the costume on his head

Kyle and Hardy

Scarecrow Crunch for friends

Hardy's Halloween Happy

Kyle, Hardy, and Me

Of course Kyle had to dress up too!

Whitten, Turner, Audrey, Collins, Ivey
Hardy and Emma are standing up in the back

This is how we roll!
David, Whitten, Kyle, and Hardy

And here he goes!

Can't handle the cuteness!

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