Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hardy Moments in October

Wow! October was one busy month! I kind of got carried away with the pictures in this post, but it was so hard to pick and choose. It seems like Hardy does something new every day, and I just have to share all of it with you! Hardy is such a happy little guy, and it definitely shows in these pictures. He is often smiling or laughing, and occasionally gives us a mischievous grin or smirk. One thing you might notice is Hardy is starting to show some "I'm gonna do it my way" in his personality. My favorite picture from this month is the one of Hardy in the bathtub with his clothes on. Kyle was letting the water warm up and went to grab Hardy's pajamas. When he came back Hardy was already in the tub still fully clothed! Hardy sure does give us some good laughs! 

Happy to be outside
and playing in the yard

One of the most accurate pictures 
of Hardy's daily life. Sitting in his chair,
eating a snack, watching a movie, 
and Emmy waiting for a crum to drop.

CC got Hardy a Crazy Coupe
this month. He is lovin his new ride!

"I don't think I want to do that."

Getting so big!
 Love him when he is sleeping.

He loves running up and 
down the ramp at Phillips Grocery

Watching the Cardinals with Dada

Just couldn't wait to get in the bathtub

Reading his favorite book with Mama

Oops! Got his foot stuck!

Not sure who was having more 
fun here! They were both all
smiles the entire time!

Dane and Hardy
I love this picture!

Afternoon at the park

Practicing his swing...
maybe a future with the Cardinals

He may be a clean freak like his Mama

Hardy and Etta Kate 

Running through the leaves

He is definitely a climber

Snuggling with Bobo

Coach Hardy

Somehow he managed to take his 
shirt off during his nap

Molly Kate and Hardy...
looks like a serious convo to me!

Sweet cousins...Hardy and Madden

Look at that grin!

Miles and Hardy

Early Christmas gift from the Cuthbertsons
So excited about our Advent Calendar!

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