Sunday, November 25, 2012


Kyle, Hardy, and I headed up to Memphis on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with his family. I always enjoy visiting the Coles because I find their home so relaxing. I curl up on their big comfy couch and can waste away the hours. Of course, not as many hours as I use to now that I have little Hardy! Kyle's family tradition is to have Thanksgiving lunch at Cracker Barrel. I found this rather amusing when they first told me years ago, but I have come to love this tradition. Nobody has to cook, the food is delicious, and it is tradition!  We also always wear pilgrim hats that Mrs. Cyndi makes for all of us, and every year a waitress will ask why we are wearing them. It is just good old fashion fun! Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family and fun and that your tummy was filled with lots of turkey!
Hardy making his turkey handprint.
He looks a little nervous in this picture,
but by the fourth one he was loving the paint.

Good thing we took his shirt off!

Hardy's Turkey Handprint
to give to the grandparents

Passed out on the way to Memphis

Thrilled about his new kicks from CC!

He literally took off running right
after I took this picture.

Checking out the escalator

Oh what fun!

CC giving Hardy a snow globe
of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Hardy loved the snow globe!

Playing checkers with Grumps

Grumps, Alexis, and Hardy

Looks like these two were
playing a serious game of checkers!

Hardy and Grumps

CC, Grumps, and Hardy

Kyle's grandfather, Bull

Kyle, Me, and Hardy

Black Friday shopping with CC

Love those curls!

Hardy was just a bit excited
about chocolate milk!

Passed out after watching 
the Rebels beat State

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