Monday, December 3, 2012

Hardy Moments in November

As we enter the holiday season, life is starting to become even busier! We took two trips to Brandon this month…one to go to Mistletoe Market and visit family in Hattiesburg, and the other to attend a baby shower and have dinner with my high school friends. Hardy loved getting to see Nana and Poppa and spend so much time with them. He especially loved when Poppa shared his doughnuts with him. Hardy is full of personality and his funny side is really coming out. We find ourselves laughing at him all the time now and he knows he is funny too! He is always smiling and it lights up his all face. As you will see in these pictures, he is also a climber. He climbs on everything and has no fear! We are 100% smitten with this little boy of ours!

Doughnuts with Poppa

Just riding a broom at
Nana and Poppa's house

Aunt Mary, Hardy, and Aunt Betty Lynn

Me and my cousin Ginger

Ginger, Hardy and Me

Me, Hardy, and Granny

Granny and Hardy--this moment 
stole my heart!

Kisses with Granny

So excited about his duck cookie!

Hello there!

Stopping for an Icee break

Such a big boy brushing his teeth

On cold days we ride in the house!

Love that little booty up 
in the air!

Where we often find him…
reading books

Stealing Dada's chair while 
he was out of town

Giving Dada some love and 
so happy to have him home!

Grumps and Hardy

How can he be this big already?!?

Hardy gives the best smiles

Helping Nana decorate for Christmas

Best seat in the house…Hardy and Emmy

Just cleaning the shower

Going down the slide by himself…
so stinkin cute and happy!

Watching Veggie Tales Christmas…
he loves it!

Callie, Christie, Hardy, Chelsea, and Molly Kate

Happy to be driving to Nana and Poppa's

Sound asleep with Mickey in hand

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