Monday, December 3, 2012


18 Month Stats
Weight: 22 lbs. 4 oz.
Height: 32 1/2 inches
Diaper Size: Size 4
Clothes Size: Size 18-24 months
Hardy Likes: Sugar! Hardy
has a major sweet tooth
but so do both of his
parents. He loves anything
sweet! Cakes, cookies, candy--
all of it! In fact, if you want 
him to be still for a little while
just give him a cookie!
Hardy Dislikes: When you tell
him he cannot have anymore
sweets! Oh the fit that follows!
Best Moment of the Month:
Visiting Nana and Poppa
twice in one month!
We also got to travel to 
Hattiesburg and visit Granny
which is always a special time.

18 Month Highlights:
Some of your new words 
from this month: nilk for milk, steps, 
bread, socks, lights, cup, again.
You have started to match
an animal with the sound it makes.
You will say the horse says neigh,
the cow says moo, and
 the lion says roar.
You also will point to 
your mouth, ears, and toes now.
You started calling CC by 
her name this month
and she just loves it!
You started to say bye bye 
this month too!
Your new favorite word is
broke. You constantly say it
and when anything is not working
you bring it to us and say broke
over and over. It is really
quite funny! 
You love to brush your teeth 
at the sink and you pretend 
to spit. It is hilarious! 
You want to be a big 
boy so bad!
You love your big red 
ball and you think it so funny
when Dada throws it up the 
stairs and you watch it bounce down.
You will giggle so hard!
You have become quite
a fan of ducks and especially
rubber ducks. Aunt Lexi sent you 
home with her big rubber duck
and you love to take a bath with it.
You still sleep with your booty
up in the air and it is the 
sweetest thing!
You got new tennis shoes from
CC this month and you loved
them so much that you ran 
out of the store!
You also loved riding the 
escalator at the mall. 
You wanted to do it over and over!
You went down the slide
for the first time by yourself
this month and you loved it!
You sure made us proud!
It is hard for me to believe that in 
just two months you will be a 
It seems just yesterday we 
were bringing you home from 
the hospital and now you are 
walking, talking, and soon 
to be in a big boy bed!
Oh, I just want you to 
stay my little baby boy forever!
Well, no matter how
big you get you will always
be my baby boy! 
You sure have stolen your
mama's heart--and your daddy's too!


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