Monday, August 20, 2012

The Beach and Birthdays

One of the things I treasure most about my teenage years is the friendships that I made along the way. I was beyond blessed to become extremely close with a group of fifteen girls. We truly were all best friends and we did everything together--absolutely everything! The memories we made over those years will always be close to my heart. 

What is even more rare these days is that we have remained close throughout the years. Every year we still get together at Christmas and about five years ago we started an annual beach trip. We all turned 30 throughout the course of this year, so this years trip was in honor of our birthdays. The beauty of these friendships and the reason I cherish them so much is because they are so authentic. You can be who you are and say whatever you want, and these girls will love you regardless. It is a rare and precious thing, and I often thank the Lord for the blessing these ladies have been to my life! I hope that even when we are old and gray, we will be sitting on the beach and reminiscing over the all the fun times we had while growing up. Love you girls so much! Oh, and Happy 30th to each of you!

Lee and Natalie

Lee, Natalie, and Me

Allison, Paige, and Becky

Allison, Natalie, Me,
Paige, Becky, and Lee

Becky, Lee, Me,
Paige, Allison, and Natalie

Allison, Natalie, Becky, Lee, Paige, and Me

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