Monday, September 3, 2012


15 Month Stats
Weight: 21 lbs. 2 oz.
Height: 31 inches
Diaper Size: Size 4
Clothes Size: Size 12-18 Months 
What Hardy Likes: 
He is obsessed with them!
 I am not quite sure why we
 bought all these toys.
He would be happy if we just
gave him a toothbrush.
What Hardy Dislikes: 
Hats...he does not
like anything on his head.
He will leave it on for a
split second and then
pull it off.
Best Moment of the Month:
Visiting Nana and Poppa!
Poppa was so excited to see 
you because it had been several
months. You also got to swim 
in their pool which you absolutely loved!

15 Month Highlights:
You are into everything, 
and there is no way to keep 
you out of the bathroom drawers.
We even tried sliding a yardstick
down the middle, but you are so 
strong that you can pull all four drawers 
out and slide your hand in between 
to get what you want. Oh the determination!
You love your Bobo and you started 
calling him by his name this month.
You sleep with him every night and 
he goes everywhere you go.
You love to drink out of a cup
with a straw--all about being  a big boy!
Your vocabulary is beginning to develop 
and you have started saying words that 
start with B: bird, ball, book, and bus.
You love to sit at a piano and "play."
Maybe you will have some of 
Poppa or Aunt Lexi's musical talent.
You really love Dada's electrical
razor. Once you get your hands on it,
you will not give it back. You walk 
around the house "shaving" 
just like Dada. It is too funny!
Your favorite book is Baby Einstein's
First Words. We have to read it at least 
a few times a day. I love that you are
developing a desire to read.
Every morning when we are eating 
breakfast you look out the window for 
birds. If we see one fly by you get
so excited. This month you got to
feed some birds at the zoo and you loved it!
You are so precious Lil Hardy,
but you also have a mischievous
side coming out...wonder who 
that came from?!? 
We adore you Hardy and every
day with you is so much fun!
You bring us so much love 
and laughter! What a blessing it
is to be your Mama and Dada!

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