Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hardy Moments in August

Hardy is definitely all B-O-Y, and each month it shows more and more. We love watching his personality further develop each month, and what interests him. He is one curious little guy, and you can tell his mind is working hard. It is very obvious that he is watching us and studying what we do. He  certainly loves his Dada and wants to be just like him. He mimics everything Kyle does and it is so cute! One thing is for sure, Mama and Dada are head over heals in love with this little boy!

Watching the Olympics with Dada

What 14 month old doesn't drink sweet tea?!?

Hardy is obsessed with toothbrushes

Reading his new favorite 
book with Dada

Waiting to see Dr. Sanford

Lunch at Proud Larry's with sweet Betsy,
 a camper of mine years ago

Eating spaghetti at Nana's 

Begging to go for a swim

Look who got his way

Watching the birds with Poppa

He was so excited about
his rain boots even though
he could barely walk in them.

Worn out from all our travels

Fun at the park

Nothing more sweet than a sleeping baby

Snuggles with Mama before 
she left for the beach

Happy Hardy

While Mom's away the boys will play

Running the field at Vaught-Hemmingway

Having an absolute blast!

Dreaming of his future as a punter

Feeding the birds at the zoo

Riding the carousel with Nay Nay

Kyle and Hardy

Hardy loves the pandas and especially 
the stuffed one Nay Nay got him!

Hardy and Nay Nay

Just an afternoon read for Lil Hardy

Lindley Belle's 1st Birthday Party
Craig, Lindley Belle, Missy, Me, Hardy, and Kyle

Coloring with CC and Dane

Love his sweet smile!

Hardy with his new backpack

Like father, like son

Hardy shaving just like Dada

Hardy and Emmy

Morning stroll with Mama

Saturday morning doughnuts

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