Sunday, September 9, 2012

We are having...

a GIRL!!! Kyle and I are thrilled to share with you that Hardy is going to have a little sister! We went to the doctor on Thursday for the ultrasound that would tell the gender of our precious baby. Instead of finding out at the doctor's office, I had the ultrasound tech call Peas and Carrots in Oxford, and they wrapped up an Ole Miss outfit that I had previously picked out and that was gender specific. Once we got back to Oxford from Tupelo, Carmen Rae and Ian came over with the present and to take pictures for us. We had both of our families on Skype as we opened the present. We were definitely shocked to open it and see a DRESS inside! Of course, Kyle thought it was a boy at first because the dress was blue (probably should have told him that), but as soon as I saw the collar I knew it was an outfit for a baby girl. I am tickled pink that we are having a girl! I just knew I was going to be that girly mom that had all boys. Oh, my heart is filled with so much joy! The Lord has blessed us beyond measure, and He is so sweet to give us one of each!

We also had a Gender Reveal Party in the Grove on Saturday for all our friends and the college students. We couldn't have a party for Hardy and not do something for this baby. We did cupcakes again this time, and most everyone was shocked when they bit into it and saw pink icing. Such a surprise! I love all the excitement that we were surrounded by on Saturday. Our children are so blessed to already be loved by so many. Yet another reason that I love Oxford and I love working with college students. Thanks to all of you who shared in our joy this week, and also thanks for loving our family so well! We have been blessed by each of you!

Moments before finding out

Me, Hardy, and Kyle
all opened the present

It's a can tell
how shocked I was by the 
reaction on my face!

So excited to be holding up a dress!

Sharing the news with our families

Still shocked!

Invitation to the Gender Reveal

Cupcakes by Emileigh's

Trying to keep Hardy contained
for a little bit

Kyle and Me

Carmen Rae, Me, Sarah

Samantha, Mary Cannon, Me, Emily, and Shelby

Shannon and Me

Will and Kyle

KD Ladies: Natalie, Victoria, Me, Janeanna,
Marie,   , and Lauren

Mary Lela and Me

Drew waiting to take a bite!

Martin, Stephanie, and Nolan

Yay for a baby GIRL!

Shannon brought a cute onesie for our baby

Alexi, Whitney, and Will

Hardy, Me, and Kyle

CC and Hardy

Future Kappa Delta :)

Caroline, Me, Ashleigh, and Kyle

Corrie finding out we are having a GIRL!

Catherine and Me

Kyle and Me

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  1. Love the future KD picture! Can't wait to get all your cute maternity clothes (hint, hint) ;)!!