Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Special Meeting

This weekend I went home for a friend's baby shower and I got to meet my lifelong best friend's newborn daughter. Katie and I have been friends since we were five years old and now we will have daughters three months apart in age. I hope that one day they will share a sweet relationship like their mothers do--if we only lived in the same city. It was so fun to meet Anna Powell and it made me even more excited about having a baby girl! I also got to attend our annual high school Christmas dinner while in town which is always a highlight of the Christmas season for me….lots of good laughs, great food, and the best company!

My mom, Hardy, 
Mrs. Holly (Katie's mom), and Anna Powell

Precious Anna Powell

Hardy, Mom, Me, Katie, Anna Powell, Mrs. Holly

Christie, Allison, Stephanie, Paige,
Meredith, Me, Becky, Lee, Natalie, and Abby

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